Frequently Asked Questions


  • What makes PerfectSwell® unique?
    • The approach behind PerfectSwell® was to imitate nature and to recreate surf, not simply waves. Surf conditions include an infinite variety of waves, varying wave frequency, certain hydrodynamics, and a beach. We’ve attempted to address all those aspects with PerfectSwell® proprietary systems.
  • How does PerfectSwell® generate waves?
    • Proprietary PerfectSwell® Reflecting Wave Generator creates waves with particle motion like the ocean. The PerfectSwell® Phased Array Control System controls air pressure firing patterns and sequences to create unlimited wave types. We have also developed a touch screen interface allowing the operator to effectively design their own wave. Infinite Ocean® is a brand new innovative approach to pool design creating an authentic and realistic beach.
  • How big are the waves?
    • Waves can be engineered to any size and shape specification. Typically, wave pool waves are in the 1’-3’ range and surf pool waves are in the 3’-8’ range. Size and cost are related, but surfability is a quality of every PerfectSwell® wave.
  • How long is the ride?
    • The ride length is only limited by the pool size. Ride lengths of 10 to 15 seconds might require a 2 to 3-acre pool. Ride lengths of 40 to 50 seconds would require a much larger pool. A key takeaway is that PerfectSwell® is scalable for any ride length, wave size, and footprint specification.
  • How many waves per hour?
    • PerfectSwell® technology can create a wide range of surf frequencies.  A typical hour long session can produce 100 – 320 waves depending on which type of PerfectSwell® is installed.  
  • What type of waves?
    • With PerfectSwell® the size, shape, and patterns of waves are all adjustable with digital controls. Just make a list: point break type peeling waves, left and right, and sets of lefts or rights. Peaks, single, double, triple, etc. “Customs”, a barrel into a peak close-out.
  • What does the future look like for American Wave Machines?
    • Our vision is to deliver surfing, either with PerfectSwell® large scale systems or smaller scale SurfStream® systems to markets throughout the world. We know the market demand is there, people all over the world want to surf and not everyone lives at the coast. With surfing in the Olympics for the first time in Tokyo in 2020, there’s tremendous opportunity. It’s a great time for the company.